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The 24th January 2017 was a big day for Twinkling Bat Films and our crew.  At 6am I arrived with a cast and crew of talented people to shot our second short film Bleach.

Thank you so much to a whole bunch of people who made this possible.

My fabulous cast, Mikaela, Matt, Fletcher and Erroll. Stars all of you, you gave so much on the day and your performances and personalities made the entire filming a blast.

Behind the scenes making magic and working tirelessly my crew. Alf, Jaden, Rachel, Tanya, Mike, Holly and Andre.

The wonderful people at Onyx Laundromat in Mount Maunganui for letting me use their premises. Without your support, I would have had to talk my Dad into building a complete laundromat set.

All of the people who gave so generously to my very first PledgeMe campaign. Thank you, thank you, thank you.